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We are excited to offer many classes and events at Indigo and in our small Retreat Center in the beautiful hills of Ashfield.You can also see us on Facebook at Indigo: Massage, Yoga and Community Space or Tulsi Rose Farm (Ashfield Retreat).
Please RSVP for all classes. Classes may be cancelled last minute due to illness, weather or small enrollment.
NEW! Wednesday Group Healing Sessions
We are all radiant beings, more powerful than we can imagine.  When we gather together with the intent to awaken and embody all of who we truly are, miracles happen. We begin to experience the reality of this power and enter the realm of infinite possibilities. Here is the invitation. Let us come together to create a direct experience of the truth of who we are and witness the healing and transformation that ensue.    Carol Hetrick and Deborah Wilson will be your guides and facilitators in an ongoing series of weekly group healings at Indigo. Each will facilitate on alternating Wednesdays (see below), and utilize traditional and modern healing practices unique to their individual practices.  Both Carol and Deborah will co-create the sessions with Spirit and the group using a general outline that includes meditation, visioning, transformative processes and a collective healing. We will learn to perceive life from the level of our true/higher/soul Selves.  …and we will remove the blocks to realizing our highest goals. We will become empowered to step into our magnificence, live in expanded consciousness and make a difference in our lives and in the world.   
 Ongoing Wednesdays 
7:00 – 9:00 PM 
1st & 3rd Wednesdays facilitated by Carol Hetrick 
2nd & 4th Wednesdays facilitated by Deborah Wilson

First and third Thursdays 7:30-8:30. Kirtan with the Seven Sisters.  Let the sound of mantra help you come to a place of relaxation and meditation.

Friday 9:30-10:15 am & 10:30-11:15 Music for little people with Little Roots! Sign up for a series or call to see if there is last minute space for drop ins! More information on

NEW TIME! Restorative Yoga with Massage!  Join us Fridays at 5:30-6:45.  Come relax and be nurtured with deep supportive poses (no experience necessary) that allow you to open as you receive massage (and energy work and aromatherapy this week only!).  Please RSVP to reserve your spot.  $25 per class or $80 for a four class series.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage 5 day Training in Ashfield! March 24.

Temple style Lomilomi is a sacred dance with Spirit. The wavelike, rhythmic strokes of a Temple style Lomilomi session invites your receiver into a trance like state where profound healing can occur. It is a Shamanic journey through bodywork.  
Utilizing mainly the forearms, the techniques are intended to clear the body of heavy, stuck energy; opening energy channels and the connection to your Higher Self. Conscious breath, of both giver and receiver, activates the cellular structure of the body, releasing held tension, memories and trauma, thus, creating freedom. Temple style Lomilomi will take your practice as a healer to the next level.

During this 5 day training you will learn:
~ A full body routine based around wave like strokes that move in an uninterrupted flow.
~ A “dance” step called Kalele that will allow you to float around the massage table with grace.
~ A Hawaiian chant that will open each session to the potential of miracles.
~ The power of ‘HA’ breath to create dynamic change.
~ Hawaiian philosophy in application to Lomilomi sessions.
~ Creating a sacred space through ritual and prayer
~ Cultivate trust in your intuition

This training will be ftaught by Bethany Boulger. Read about Bethany at 

We are so blessed to be hosted by Charity Ritscher at her lovely retreat home. Housing is available on-site for out of town students.  

This 5 day training is $495. Payment Plans are available, make (3) installations of $165

Please feel free to contact Bethany with any questions at or 802-430-1799

  • Massage, Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy available by appointment.
    Call 413.584.9993


Future Workshops, contact us if you are interested:

“Becoming Who You Are Workshop”

My grandfather used to speak of a time when all of creation lived in balance and harmony with each other, living a life of abundance, happiness and prosperity. Something happened; something changed. Now people seem to walk in a constant state of fear -- fear of finances, health, being stuck with no way out. This does not have to be...wouldn't it be nice to experience joy, prosperity and abundance in every aspect of your life? Wouldn't it be wonderful to reclaim your true self and know what your purpose is in this universe? Would you like to grow in your connection to all of creation? I come to share with you how to heal heart, mind, body and spirit; to help you understand the true creative force within you; to help you create the life you have always wanted to experience.

To facilitate this I offer a three-day workshop at different places around the country.

This three-module course provides the student with a firm foundation and understanding of Native American Medicine Wheel teachings, the power of the Four Elements and the Four Lakota Virtues. Through the understanding of traditional ways, the student will be able to apply these principles to bodywork in any healing environment to facilitate growth of heart, mind, body and spirit within themselves and their client. In this course the student will learn the power of their own thoughts and emotions, and how this understanding plays a major role in allowing the student to become a vessel through which healing power is dispersed. Students who participate in this program will learn how to create the life experiences they have always desired and be able to assist others in doing the same.  

Students will also learn:

  • The relationship between mental and emotional issues and how they manifest within the physical body.

  • Fundamental bodywork techniques for emotional and physical release (releasing those emotions that no longer serve you or your client).

  • Meditation techniques for personal and professional use to prepare client for bodywork to follow.  

  Meditation techniques include:

-Quieting the mind and breathing techniques

-Cleansing and refilling heart, mind, body and spirit

-Distribution of healing energy

-Importance of “listening” and not speaking.

  • Less is more... compassionate detachment.

  • “Tools” to create the professional practice and life experience one has always desired as well as help clients to achieve the same results.

  • Self-care for students and after-care for clients.

This program is designed to allow you, the student to become who you truly are in all aspects of your life and in the vastness of creation. You will learn how traditional teachings and living within natural law, will allow you to create abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life while helping others (clients) to do the same. The “Becoming Who You Are” program teaches this and so much more. This is truly a life-changing experience and you will have the “tools” needed to continue to build upon these teachings each and every day.

Total program is 20 hours divided into three modules. Modules I & II are 6-hour courses. Module III is an 8-hour course. It is highly recommended that the student attend modules I & II before taking module III but it is not mandatory. All students are encouraged to bring pen and paper, blanket and pillow or a massage table to class.  

This course is open to all massage therapists, healers of all modalities and individuals seeking to help themselves and others.  

*Massage therapists will learn a NCBTMB approved modality for a total of 20 CE's.

Lomi Lomi Massage.  
We intend to continue to host Lomilomi Massage trainings in our Ashfield retreat.  Come if you have never experienced this form of massage or if you want to deepen your knowledge.  

Pain Relief Special
Join us for a PAIN and INJURY RELIEF session with Marty and Charity.  Marty Benjamin will bring his skills as a Nuerokinetic Therapy Practitioner and Acupuncturist to offer hands on work to correct pain patterns.  The session will end with a relaxing restorative massage by Charity to help sooth your muscles and work out any remaining tension.  Sessions will be offered for only $95 (a $150+ value).  Call 413.584.9993 to schedule a session in Northampton or Ashfield.


Palpation-The Infinite Experience of Touch.  dates: TBA
We invite you to get in touch with yourself and expand our healing ability. Join Medical Intuitive, Tanya Tarail, PT for her latest workshop: Palpation - the Infinite Experience of Touch. This is an opportunity to meet and work face to face with Tanya, long time body worker, intuitive and an extraordinary healer. Palpation means to touch, but this workshop extends far beyond the everyday definition. Through your own personal experience, real-life examples and interactive exercises, you will gain the tools to improve your own current healing modality. Teachings may include many topics: functions of the body, intuitively sensinging physiological stattes, overall health, and other ways of merging the clinical, medical and energetic. Tanya plans to explore case histories in relation to modalities like Craniosacral, massage, energy healing and many more.

Tanya's varied background has included decades of specialized training, and has taken her all around the world to train with the best. Through demonstration, hands on opportunity, and as always, she is open to answering personal questions about health and wellness. You will leave the workshop with a touch of your own healing and new or renewed capabilities to help others. 

Current healers and helpers of all modalities and skill levels are welcome, as well as those interested in getting more in touch with themselves and their relationships, personal and professional.

$30.00 per person 
Call Indigo 413.584.9993 to reserve your seat



Shiatsu and Qigong
Join Robert Canty as he shares his passion for shiatsu. We hope to meet every other week. This class will be shaped by your interests and your schedule so please contact us if you are interested.  Shiatsu draws extensively from the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their belief in the movement of energy through specific pathways in the body called meridians or channels. Blockages in these pathways can result in both physical and emotional problems. The Shiatsu practitioner uses a variety of hand and body techniques, which we will practice in this class.  This class is open to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of their body and their spiritual and emotional health as well as how to help others.
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CANCELLATION POLICY:  All events cancel during bad weather.  Feel free to call 413.584.9993 to double check if you have questions or follow our events on Facebook (Indigo: Yoga, Massage and Community) for last minute information.


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